Guest Blog: 9th grade student essay

Both of my parents have hazel eyes. My dad’s eyes are a more golden hazel, and my mom’s are a more green hazel. But the one unique thing about me is that I have gray-blue eyes. When the sky is cloudy or it’s about to rain, my eyes become as gray as the sky itself.  When the sun is high and the sky is clear, my eyes are   bluer than the ocean. Even if I’m inside a building my eyes seem to know what’s going on with the weather outside. My eyes don’t just tell the weather, they can express my feelings too. If I’m sad or gloomy their color will be more in a grayish tone. If I’m happy and joyful they will be brighter than a blue highlighter.

Sometimes I wonder, maybe my eyes know me better than I know myself.


My granddaughter wrote this for her 9th grade language arts assignment as an example of the literary terms, simile and metaphor.

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  • Betty Auchard

    Betty I Love It!!! The drawing is beautiful. Thank You for having LMA be a guest blogger, she will love this.

  • oscar case

    I SEE what she means: the “eyes” have it. Nice.