Don’t Wear Slippers in the Forest



Tripped on thin air, hit forest floor on

first day of work vacation in cabin;

 bashed ribs and right knee.

I know, I know, I wore

the wrong


in a hurry;

didn’t pay attention;

not a good way to start.

Rain poured heavy for two days;

no Internet; only channel on TV is QVC.


Darn that extension cord; bashed left knee.

What next? Call daughter? YES!

“Hello, daughter? FETCH ME HOME.”

While awaiting her car, the bedroom door ran

into me and things sticking out gashed my right arm;

blood flowed. Result: no work done, right arm,

right cheek, right elbow, and spirits bruised.

Am healing well, but hurts to burp,

sneeze, laugh. Must rest now;

tired and sleepy. OUCH!

Hurts to yawn and hurts my pride.

Must remember next time to 

wear New Balance shoes. 


 I invite your comments as long as you don’t call me “clumsy.”

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  • Betty Auchard

    This little piece above is NOT my advertisement for New Balance shoes, but I must admit that they keep me upright a lot better than slip-ons.

  • Oscar Case

    Very funny, if I may laugh at your pain. I hope you’re well for the New Year.

  • Sandi

    Heavens, Betty! Please be careful. I well remember when you were out of commission for weeks after you broke your wrist while trying to walk backward. :-)

  • Dick

    Betty! Good grief! We love you! Don’t bash yourself any more!

  • Betty Auchard

    I LOVE all this attention regarding my safety. Hm. I think I’ll throw myself to the ground again, but not quite so hard this time.